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Dash DDX™ – Highly Rated by Users, Resellers and ERP Developers Alike

saves us $1000/mo

DDX saves us $1000/mo on postage alone.
—Kyle Overby, Unipunch


We are using DDX in all of our everyday tasks here at Moore’s, and are VERY happy with it.
—Wade Johnson, Moore’s Industrial Service Ltd.

delivers our invoices right now

DDX delivers our invoices right now. Customers get invoices faster, they pay faster. Our cash flow has improved significantly—shaving at least a week off of payments.
Mary Wiley, Twin City Wire

hands-down the best software investment

The DDX ERP-integrated Document Management System is hands-down the best software investment I’ve made in the last 10 years.  The payback was not only in terms of the intangible benefits gained by eliminating paper clutter, but also by unanticipated reductions in postage and phone expense, as well as by marked reduction in lead times for obtaining purchased and sub-contracted componentry.  DDX helps us be a more efficient, and more nimble manufacturer.  I’d recommend DDX to anyone except a direct competitor, for them, I’d rather they tried some other solution.
Jeff Pride, Curt Joa

improves AP workflow

The combination of DDX and Syspro Workflow created a great solution for the company and enables the AP team to circulate invoices in a paperless manner.  The ability to quickly retrieve an image of an invoice is powerful and improved efficiencies in many areas.
—Jennifer Budgell, Eastlink

DDX rocks!

DDX rocks—period.  It’s a real time-saver.
—Scott Collins, Venco Venturo

instantly cut our lead times

Our purchase orders and drawings are all getting to the vendors the same day we create them! DDX instantly cut our lead times by 3-4 days across the board.
Ken Krupski, Nordco

a simple and elegant solution

Thanks to DDX.Archive, our most recent ISO audit went like a breeze. The auditor even congratulated us on coming up with such a simple and elegant solution for managing our ISO documents. I could walk in here cold, and within 3 minutes I could find any document I need.
Jeff Cosner, Strongwell

savings in forms and labor

In the first year, DDX.Connect has saved my company almost $14,000 in postage alone—not to mention savings in forms and labor! It more than paid for itself in less than three months.
Paul Stolzman, Western Plows

ease of archiving documents

Dash DDX is a very good product. The ease of archiving documents is matched only by the ease of retrieval. The time saved on filing of paper documents and retrieval (more on misfiled documents) makes for a very short ROI.
Phil Gieger, Wisconsin Cheeseman