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TIP: If the receipts came in after the document was analyzed this button will re-validate the PO and bring in any unmatched GRN’s.

When you 1st open the Robot & when you click the “Analyze” button… the Robot goes to work! Uses real-time data in many places.

Work the Robot Does to Extract Data

You can rotate your view of an Invoice (portrait to landscape!) watch this video on how to. So cool!

How to update the GL Distribution with Freight and/or Misc Charges?


What type of information are you looking for?

  • Have a new AP Robot User to On-Board? CLICK HERE
  • Looking to change the filters and views in the Robot? CLICK HERE
  • Need IT assistance and technical tips? Email us at ddxSupport@dashdev.com
  • Want information on how to install and upgrade your AP Robot? VIDEO HERE


5 Quick Robot Tips!

  1. The Robot’s default is to always post to the Current Period. Under “Settings” on the “SYSPRO Settings” tab, it defaults to “Current” Posting Period – you can change this drop down to “current -1” or “current -2” as needed.
  2. Using the “Tab” key after inputting data will populate other fields with corresponding information (i.e. if you put the Supplier Name in and “Tab” it will pull all the supplier information from SYSPRO into the Robot for you).
  3. Once you correct a highlighted error and click off the field and “Tab” the highlight will often go away if the error is fixed.
  4. Hiding the hints that the Robot layers onto the Invoice (the highlights and icons that tell you how the Robot is interacting with the invoice itself) can be turned on and off by clicking “Hide Hints” on the toolbar.
  5. If you have a large number of invoices in your incoming queue, you can adjust and filter the invoices you’d like to look at first by filtering each column (video here: https://dashdev.com/video-ap-robot-filters-and-views/)


AP Robot Community User Group Meetings (4x a year)

Did you know? We have a Quarterly Robot User Group! Join us!

The next event is November 15 at 11:00 a.m. CST. Register here.


Did You Know?

Look at all the information the Robot pulls from every Invoice! WOW!

Robot Extracts and Populates so much information

Robot Updates 2023 :

This Version is: 2023.08.28B (full list here) https://dashdev.com/_DashProduct/APRobot/UpdatesOptionalB.html

  • NEW: Improved support for foreign currency gain/loss and related GL distribution
    • ACTION REQUIRED: Please see the SYSPRO settings in the AP Robot to enable. Add a checkmark to the “Use Foreign Currency Exchange” option. Note that this is only available if you have previously selected the “Allow Variance Acct Changes” option.
    • The user manual has been updated to further explain this feature
  • GRN/Receipt details: Added columns to display values in foreign currency (in addition to home currency)
  • The current foreign exchange rate should now be used properly for non-PO invoices
  • Resolved issue where PO is found, GRN’s are displayed but Supplier Name or Number are displaying as blank.
  • Resolved issue where some invoices got separated from their data during posting – symptoms include invoices not posted to DDX; Posted invoices where the name if the invoice file appears blank, an invoice may be posted, but not removed from the Exceptions List, may have resulted from files that contained more than one period in the file name.
    • Software attempts to automatically reunite separated data files and PDFs, plus updated DDX (if used)
  • Tax codes and amounts are now editable on non-PO invoices. They are not used for foreign PO-related invoices.
  • Changes to the Invoice Reference were being lost or over-written in certain circumstances
  • Improve Dash machine learning over-ride capability to enhance identification of an expanded list of key values
  • Added new terms to the form recognition library per customer requests to expand the list of data elements recognized by the AP Robot.
  • Added right-click options to the Invoice display (for things like search, rotate display, etc.). Right-click on the invoice itself to see these options.
  • Misc fixes & documentation updates


  • NEW: SYSPRO 2 Tier Tax is now supported – added for Canadian customers, though others may benefit
  • NOTE: You must update SYSPRO Security to allow AP Robot Users access to the IMPQCR program.
  • You must update your SYSPRO Security to make the following program available to your AP Robot Users: APSQSO, Query Accounts Payable Setup options. For a complete list of SYSPRO programs required for AP Robot users, please request our current AP Setup document for SYSPRO.
  • Any variance in Tax amounts between what is on the Invoice and what is calculated by SYSPRO is flagged as an exception. Tax value will be shown in red.
  • The displayed Currency Conversion rate now shows your ERP’s current conversion rate (as opposed to the PO’s conversion rate)
  • Cleaned up error messages to try to eliminate some duplicates
  • Resolved issue where some files were left over in the pending directory after posting. This mostly occurred when using custom plugins. But it is also possible that there were other files orphaned (JSON files only).
  • Fixed issue when there was a duplicate file and changed change from PO to non-PO, and using custom plugins
  • Fixed an issue where some non-PO invoices were not removed from the exception list after successful posting.
  • Allow Discountable Amount to be edited by the user
  • Disable Tax when a foreign supplier is selected (to mimic SYSPRO functionality) – ie: supplier currency <> home currency
  • Fixed Issue where generated GL Journal Entry may have been posted in a different period than the AP Transaction
  • Fixed rounding issues with variance calculations
  • Added logging during supplier selection to track intermittent problems when the supplier isn’t updated (no supplier) when a new PO is entered


  • Resolved issue where the Analyze process exited prematurely on some invoices (where critical data wasn’t found by the AI engine)
  • NEW: Added system to accommodate custom plug-in programs – now Dash can build you a plug-in to address your unique needs that go beyond what the standard AP Robot does. Contact Dash if you have such a need.
  • NEW: Accelerated learning process. If you notice that a particular supplier is using some unique descriptor for information needed by the AP Robot, and the Robot is not recognizing it automatically, please report this to Dash. We may be able to accelerate the Robot’s learning process and address that unique descriptor.
  • NEW: Post ALL button – will attempt to re-validate and post all exceptions with 1 button click
  • NEW: AP Robot Community – Select this option from the help menu to be taken to the AP Robot Community page. Here you’ll find tips, tricks, and a continually updated list of articles, videos, and more to help the AP Robot community.
  • NEW: The help menu now contains an option to directly email Dash support
  • Discountable Value now displayed on the screen for editing
  • Display PO Exchange Rate with up to 6 decimals
  • Fixed issue with inter-company account when posting journals
  • Fixed issues with invalid or blank supplier
  • Resolved issue with potential orphaned or corrupted PDF or data file
  • Fixed issue when testing GL Journal Interface where settings screen would exit prematurely

DASH AP Robot™ Enhancements 2023

Purchase Price Variance Account Handling = DONE! (video details here!)

We’ve added an automated GL Journal Entry to make the appropriate adjustments when someone needs to change a variance account or split it amongst several accounts. This is a stop-gap measure that will be used until SYSPRO extends its e.NET offering to allow changes in variance account(s) to be directly posted with an AP Invoice.

Custom Plug-Ins (story here!)

With a little learning and creativity, we can create a powerful add-on to your AP Robot. We’ve recently worked with a plastics company that came to us with a special idea wondering if the AP Robot could handle it, and we created a custom plug-in to do just that. We injected some custom logic, and it created an even more valuable tool. Their team is THRILLED! Everyone wins. DASH’s expert team of developers and programmers can work with you to create a tool you’ll want to tell everyone about!

Accelerated Learning

A few steps are involved with getting this fully up and running. While the DASH AP Robot’s AI (artificial intelligence) is a culmination of 1000’s of users and DASH’s enhanced learning added in. We’re taking it to the next level as we intend to take that capability and offer it directly to individuals so they can inject their own learning into the Robot and address their unique needs. That will further accelerate the learning process for individual companies. and speed up the automation process even further.

Enhanced Review & Approval Process

We will be adding a capability to “send” an invoice to someone for review, approval, GL coding, etc, then they can “send” it back to AP for entry. All information will remain in the DASH AP Robot. Tracking of this process will include email notifications, notes, status changes, and individual user changes.


We welcome user ideas and suggestions anytime. Please send them to DDXSupport@Dashdev.com labeled as “AP Robot Suggestion” Thank you!

DASH AP Robot Basic Training – get started here.

Here’s how to install an update for your DASH AP Robot.

See how easy it is to make changes to your Purchase Price Variance account in the Dash AP Robot for SYSPRO.

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