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DASH AP Robot™ Enhancements 2023

Purchase Price Variance Account Handling = DONE! (video details here!)

We’ve added an automated GL Journal Entry to make the appropriate adjustments when someone needs to change a variance account, or split it amongst several accounts. This is a stop-gap measure that will be used until SYSPRO extends their e.NET offering to allow changes in variance account(s) to be directly posted with an AP Invoice.

Custom Plug-Ins (story here!)

With a little learning and creativity, we can create a powerful add-on to your AP Robot. We’ve recently worked with a plastics company that came to us with a special idea wondering if the AP Robot could handle it, and we created a custom plug-in to do just that. We injected some custom logic, and it created an even more valuable tool. Their team is THRILLED! Everyone wins. DASH’s expert team of developers and programmers can work with you to create a tool you’ll want to tell everyone about!

Accelerated Learning

A few steps are involved with getting this fully up and running. While the DASH AP Robot’s AI (artificial intelligence) is a culmination of 1000’s of users and DASH’s enhanced learning added in. We’re taking it to the next level as we intend to take that capability and offer it directly to individuals so they can inject their own learning into the Robot and address their unique needs. That will further accelerate the learning process for individual companies. and speed up the automation process even further.

Enhanced Review & Approval Process

We will be adding a capability to “send” an invoice to someone for review, approval, GL coding, etc, then they can “send” it back to AP for entry. All information will remain in the DASH AP Robot. Tracking of this process will include email notifications, notes, status changes, and individual user changes.


We welcome user ideas and suggestions anytime. Please send them to DDXSupport@Dashdev.com labeled as ‘AP Robot Suggestion” thank you!

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