Just print to DDX

If you want to capture that email, Word doc, Excel spreadsheet and more, this is for you. DDX can do it, all with no paper, printers, scanners or filing cabinets. See how you can capture almost any document by simply “printing” to DDX using the Dash ddxPrinter. As a side-benefit of the ddxPort Form Recognition module, the ddxPrinter allows you to quickly convert a document to PDF, then Publish it into the DDX Archive.

The ddxPort module’s main purpose is integration and form recognition with many systems. But along with it, you get the ddxPrinter – and extra benefit of being able to “print” just about anything directly to the ddxPublisher.

This video is aimed at giving general users a breif education on how to use this valuable tool. This video also features the ddxPublisher and VALU Module.

Audience: DDX Users and System Administrators