Publisher VALU Module

Learn about the DDX Publisher™ VALU module. This optional module includes 3 ways to help users classify their documents with a minimum of effort:

  1. Users can validate and auto-fill keywords based on information already in almost any database or ERP system,
  2. It also includes the Quick Tag feature. With Quick Tag, you grab your Tags (or Keywords) directly from the page by simply pointing and clicking. Both features Quick Tag makes it easy to classify your documents in second without using your keyboard.
  3. You can do more to automate and integrate with your business system: Your ERP system can automatically “push” your keywords to the DDX Publisher: The net effect is that your keywords are entered for you automatically without any keystrokes. This is accomplished using different methods in different ERP systems (hyperlink, trigger, VB Script or custom programming).

NOTE: The Quick Tag feature (included with the VALU module) included in its own video: See the Quick Tag video – or – see the DDX Publisher Quick Tour video for detail.

Audience: DDX Users and System Administrators