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What If You Could File, Find, Send and Share Your Docs (in Seconds)?

Features You’ll Love

With Dash DDX™ software, you’ll get the document management features of a six-figure program at a fraction of the price…in a system that’s way, WAY easier to use.


Explore the Feature that Can Drive ROI in a Matter of Weeks.

*Note some features are dependent on individual Software Suite.

File It

Document Capture & Archiving

Pull all your documents and files together in one organized central place, stored separately from your ERP system.

Documents are automatically captured and categorized; and archived. No more risk of damaged or lost information.

File Storage Compression

All files are encrypted for security, and compressed. You can house up to 1,000,000 documents in as little as 60GB of space—bye-bye burgeoning boxes of files buried in back rooms.

Instant Integration

Dash DDX software is pre-integrated with many ERP systems and is effortless and quickly integrated with other products too—including Microsoft Office.

Find It

Blazing Fast Search

Sift through thousands of documents in seconds and get immediate answers. Quickly find all your documents in one place, with our easy, multi-dimensional criteria, from full text to keyword to searches using Boolean logic.

Quick Tags, Keywords and Links

Quickly dial in your search function to your business. Copy keywords from one document to another with drag and drop; point and click at text in a PDF to capture keywords and tags; and create hyperlinks from other related docs and business systems.

Form Recognition

Train your Dash DDX to recognize and categorize your business’s unique forms, and automatically distribute and manage them.

Send It

Instant Distribution

Distribute documents by email, fax and/or to multiple printers. Just “print” to Dash DDX. It’s that simple.

Automated Delivery

Automatically deliver docs to your customers, suppliers and trading partners in the method they prefer. Great for Invoices, Order Acknowledgements, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Proof of Delivery and more.

Share It

Electronic Routing and Simple Work Flow

Create your own automated in-baskets for routing, review and approval processes. Track the progress and status of your documents. Tailor views to the exact needs of each department, while allowing appropriate sharing and relevant documents between departments.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Connect with your docs from anywhere on the planet, including your network, and remote access from your mobile phone, tablets or other devices (Mac and PC!).

Controlled Views

Manage who sees what documents and when they see them, with controlled access to who can view, modify or delete records. Plus allow users to define their own hierarchy of how they see and reference documents.

Self-Serve Customer and Vendor Portals

Set up controlled viewing for your customers and vendors, set to their preferences. Great for speeding cash flow and elevating service.


Flexible Administration, Customization and Security

Control, customize your software with our flexible admin tools. Establish document types, document retention, revisions, custom views, controlled user access, controlled publishing, database validation methods and much more. Plus create custom watermarks, forms, folders and more.