Dash DDX Software vs. ERP Systems

What If Your ERP System Could Become Even More Enterprising?

The Missing Link in ERP Systems

Businesses sometimes ask why they need document management software when they already have an ERP system.

Good question.

While most ERP software comes with basic document linking capabilities, they provide limited scope in organizing paper and electronic documents, and don’t have the depth of features to enhance manufacturing and distribution workflow.

And what if there’s nothing in the ERP system to link to? These ERP-based systems don’t account for anything that is outside the scope of the ERP system. So documents that have no relationship to something in the ERP are left out in the cold.

That’s why many leading ERP systems come pre-integrated with Dash DDX™ software.

Dash DDX software pulls together all types of forms and documents from sources throughout your business into one group—even if some of your documents are not related to anything in your ERP system. And, it gives you flexible options to administer and customize your document management process to the very specific needs of your business and industry.

10+ Critical Functions Dash DDX Software Offers that ERP Won’t

  1. Compression MOJO: A Million Docs in 70 Gig of Space
    Dash DDX software compresses files to as little as 20% of their size, so you can store a million or more docs in 70 gigs of space. Nuff said.
  2. Blazing Fast, Frustration-Free Search
    You can search through a million documents in 2 seconds. Use a friendly iTunes-like search for broad searches or dial in to specifics with a multi-criteria search. You can also customize the search function.
  3. More Nimble, Flexible Filing and Viewing
    You can file a document in Seattle and see it instantly in Orlando (and Chicago, Phoenix and Hoboken too). Plus, view it on multiple devices and browsers, including PC or Apple-based platforms.
  4. Boldly Saving and Filing Where No ERP Has Gone Before
    Dash DDX software manages sources beyond your ERP system, so you can file HR docs, CAD drawings, insurance forms, product specs, even video. And Dash DDX handles email formats, PDFs, Word, Excel, text, bmp, jpg, png, gift, tif files and more.
  5. Document Retention and Filing that Takes Care of Itself
    Many ERP systems require some form of user interaction to file or share documents. But Dash DDX software automates file capture and archiving for many (if not most) of your documents, so there’s no “missing holes.” There’s always a trail—one that won’t rely on paper. And once retention rules are established by your administrator, Dash DDX software automatically handles the rest.
  6. No Added License Fees (or Capture All You Want!)
    Dash DDX software gives unlimited capture workstations—so unlike competitive software, you won’t have to pay for additional people capturing documents across your business.
  7. Robust Security Protection, Disaster (and Future) Proofing
    Dash DDX software stores your docs independently of your ERP system, protecting your critical assets in electronic form against flood, fire or other disasters. So your backup protocols can become more robust. This also means you can change ERP systems and still keep Dash DDX software without reinvesting in or relearning a new document management program.
  8. Control Over Who Sees What (and How Much)
    Dash DDX provides a robust system admin feature that allows you to control who sees what, and makes sure your team is working off the latest version of estimates, drawings or other critical docs.
  9. Protection Against Inadvertent Oops, Errors or Tampering
    Tight revision control—combined with bullet-proof security measures—means original docs can’t be overwritten accidentally (or on purpose). A simple workflow engine makes reviews and approvals easy.
  10. Secure Self-Service Options for Customers and Suppliers
    It’s a self-serve world. So Dash DDX software gives you secure viewing options for partners outside your organization, allowing customers, auditors or vendors to view selected documents.

BONUS: Deliver Docs Their Way

Dash DDX software allows you to create unique delivery preferences for forms like invoices, or POs based on the unique requirements of each of your trading partners, auditing organizations or other stakeholders.