Leadership Team

What If You Could Hire the Paperless Dream Team (Dog Included)?

Get Shared Expertise, Practical Solutions and Laser Focus for Your Document Management Issues

Dash Development Group’s owners and partners have kicked around a bit. We’re a team of practical thinkers. Problem-solvers. Business owners. And frankly, design and coding geeks.

We average over 30 years of experience in software development, with specialization in document management. And we know the importance of solving business problems, not creating them.

Together with our staff and ERP partners, we offer a keen awareness of the real-world business issues that face our customers, and bring you a handle on practical value.

That means you’ll get a team that speaks your language, is easy to work with and provides a responsible, reliable resource. Meet the Dash Partners.

Meet the Dash Partners.

Dash Partners have been tight since mood rings and 8-track tapes. Jim and Steve were buds since 3rd grade, knew Holly’s husband in high school and met Holly in 1990.