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What If Your Doc Software Was Built Just for Manufacturers and Distributors? (With Us, It Is.)

Dash DDX™ software is built for the specific processes and business challenges of today’s manufacturers and distributors. It’s a LEAN solution that brings Six Sigma efficiencies to the escalating mountains of files and paperwork your business generates.

Learn why industrial customers like you say it’s one of the best investments they’ve made.

How It Works

File It, Send It, Find It

Dash DDX software automatically indexes and archives the many documents that manufactures and distributors produce daily—such as invoices, purchase orders, inventory pick lists, drawings, specifications and more. At your command, Dash DDX will deliver them instantly to customers, suppliers, logistics partners, quality auditors or other contacts by email, fax and/or to one or more printers. Explore Features

Ready Out of the Box

Dash DDX software works effortlessly with office programs like Microsoft Word™ and Excel™ programs. It comes pre-bundled with several popular business systems and ERP software packages, and if you have an existing ERP platform, it can be quickly and easily integrated. Plus, if you change business systems, Dash DDX software can migrate to your new platform.

Controlled Access, Flexible Workflow and Fewer Errors

With Dash DDX, you’ll eliminate overwrites and foil company snoops. You will ensure everyone is working from the most current, correct version of your docs (with all revisions accessible when needed).

You’ll have total control over who can access, view or amend each type of document. You can also configure workflow and views by job responsibilities, departments and the individual needs of your process…as well as link up multiple facilities and locations into a single system.

Mobile Views from Plant Door to Customer Floor

An optional Dash DDX app connects you to your documents from virtually anywhere on the planet, from the plant floor to a customer site. The Dash DDX app works on all your devices—iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablet, Mac and PC. Best of all—documents archived in Dash DDX are only a click away, with the same views, search and security that are already built into Dash DDX.

Nimble and Scalable for Growth

Dash DDX software is ready for your whole company, with scalability from 5 to 500 users, across multiple facilities and locations. Manage thousands or even millions of documents!

Support Moving Your Company from Paper to Digital Platforms

Dash DDX offers all the support you need to tame years of unruly files and get your users up to speed quickly. And because Dash DDX software is so simple and intuitive, you’ll get up to speed fast, without company-wide muttering the day you launch.