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Dash DDX™ integrates seamlessly with ERP solutions or as a stand-alone system!

If you are thinking about all the benefits of implementing document automation, now is the time to add Dash DDX™. If you haven’t been thinking Dash DDX™, well, now is the time too! For over 20+ years as a trusted partner, Dash DDX™ is here to help! Create a paperless office in 2021!

If you’re ready to take your documents online, automate existing paperwork flows, or embed a signing experience into your documents – we’re here to make it happen.

Organizations from across the world are moving towards a paperless office.

Have you been looking for a paperless solution for your business?

  • Reducing paper costs.
  • Reducing papers that get lost.
  • Reducing human errors.
  • Reducing the need for filing cabinets.
  • Reducing the need to print.
  • Reducing the time it takes to find the information you need.

So you might be asking. How are organizations doing this?

The solution is…DASH! A software company that is automating document management. Finding documents online is now a SNAP!

Want to learn more about creating a paperless office? Watch here!

We have created a solution ideal for small to mid-sized companies that want to go paperless and automate key workflows of their business.

With this software you will locate important documents in a single click.

Search, protect and share any document or file.

Remotely access documents anytime, from a mobile office.

Automate document capture and archiving, and instantly distribute to intended recipients. Have you ever followed the paper trail in your office?

DASH software helps countless companies across their entire organization.

Some examples of the teams that can use a paperless solution:

  • Finance department
  • Customer Service team
  • Human Resources group
  • Purchasing team
  • Sales representatives
  • Engineering crew

Yes, these teams across an organization all can work remotely and all access the information. This allows the right people to get to the right information at the right time without wasted motion. Without wasted space. No more file cabinets taking up space at the office.

If you’ve factored in the risk of having paper in the office during a disaster, going paperless reduces your organization’s risk: A risk of losing some or all the documents.

How Do Manufacturers Create a Paperless Office?

If you use a document automation system (Like Dash DDX), it’s stored safely there for you. Automating documents gives employees more time to do the work they do best – and the work that most needs the human touch. Your team can concentrate on best practices and time-saving tasks to increase your overall ROI.

In the end, it saves your company time and money.

Digitalize your business-critical information so that you can save time and money while making your documents easier to find, store and manage.

Reduce your business risks. Increase your sustainability and speed up your business communications with Dash DDX.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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