10 Reasons Resellers choose Dash

10 Reasons Resellers Rely on
Dash DDX™ Document Management Software
To Optimize ERP and CRM Efficiency

DDX™ Software Is a Go-To Solution for Managing Customers’ Growing Document Complexity

With increased document complexity in the manufacturing and distribution sector, many software resellers and independent software vendors (ISV) are looking for affordable document management software that integrates with their customers’ ERP and CRM platforms.

DDX™ software from the Dash Development Group is becoming the “go-to” document management solution for growing number of resellers. We asked current Dash partners to share their read on why. Here’s what they say:

  1. Fast, headache-free integration with ERP and CRM software. Dash DDX™ is a simple, intuitive solution that electronically files, searches and shares documents that originate from both within AND outside of ERP and CRM systems. DDX™ is compatible with a wide variety of ERP and CRM software and can be retained even if users switch software.
  2. The best document management software for manufacturers and distributors. Unlike “one size fits all” records management software, Dash DDX™ is designed specifically for the workflow and documents needs of manufacturers and distributors. (For example, DDX software can manage and link records for customer service, procurement, ISO, GSFI, SME, OSHA, GRI and other regulatory and certification initiatives.)
  3. Drives down cost, delivers defined ROI. Dash DDX™ gives resellers a proven efficiency tool to save customers money. DDX™ software reduces the cost of dealing with paper by as much as 75%. The average manufacturer or distributor will save over $1.84 per document in handling costs alone on this upgrade (see the math.). To help resellers quantify ROI, Dash can conduct a free cost analysis that allows customers to evaluate the anticipated savings and payback of going paperless.
  4. Flexible, Scalable, Secure. DDX™ software is available in a range of configurable suites; from fully featured enterprise packages to a la cart modules. DDX™ software is also “future-proof”: it is easily updated; it can be scaled from 5 to 500 users; and offers robust security for back-up, data retention, controlled sharing, and regulatory compliance.
  5. Fast software implementation and integration. Companies can go paperless with Dash software in a matter of weeks, saving time and cost. And DDX™ is so intuitive; it offers a frustration-free user experience, with almost no learning curve.
  6. Profitable for resellers, affordable for end-users. Resellers will enjoy significantly more margin (and upsell opportunities) with Dash DDX™ than with competitive document management software. At the same time, DDX™ meets customers’ need for comprehensive capabilities at an attractive price.
  7. Designed for revenue opportunity. Dash DDX™ document management software is ideal for manufacturers and distributors in the 50 to 250 employee range, a “sweet spot” that encompasses the majority of resellers’ sales prospects. (According to data from the Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, there were 5.6 million employer firms in the United States with fewer than 500 workers accounted for 99.7 percent of those businesses. Firms with fewer than 100 workers accounted for 98.2 percent.)
  8. Addresses customers’ leading pain point. With the U.S. unemployment rate at its lowest point in a half century, end-user customers struggle with finding enough employees to handle work and accommodate growth. Dash DDX™ software gives resellers a proactive solution for automating workflow and eliminating low-value tasks.
  9. Best-in-class back up & support. Resellers rate Dash Development Group extremely highly for responsive sales and technical support, whether back-end or customer-facing. Resellers know they can involve Dash in marketing and sales support, customer demos, ROI calculations, end-user implementation and training, troubleshooting and more.
  10. Proven software, proven people. The Dash Development Group has been developing and supporting document management software for more than 20 years; with an established team with average 12 year tenure. It’s a “here today/here tomorrow” dependability resellers trust.

Bonus: Use Dash DDX™ to extend and expand the utility of the other products you sell through its easy integration to almost any ERP or CRM product. Keep your customers longer, and keep them happy by offering more. Customer retention is key: deliver more value and over longer time periods.

So, what would your 2019 look like if you could make your ERP and CRM product portfolio even more profitable and high-performing?


Contact Dale at Dash Development Group to explore the business case for your organization.

Dash DDX Document Viewer

Dash DDX Document Viewer