Have you considered automating your accounts payable?

5 Things to Consider for Automating Accounts Payable

Automating Accounts Payable

New year, new goals, new business drivers.

Have you considered what automating your workflows at your organization might look like?

As a financial leader for your organization, you might be looking into ways that you can bring cost savings to the team and drive a higher ROI for your 2022 initiatives. What are new ways you could accomplish this without adding more overhead?

Have you researched automating the accounting side of your team?

Automation reduces errors and frees up your team to perform higher-level tasks that require the human touch.

AP Automation with Dash’s AP Robot™ gives AP departments the ability to move paper invoices (in PDF form) automatically to a digital workflow with 3-way matching. This automates the validation of invoices, full three-way-match; invoice entry, and (with Dash DDX™) even the filing of your supplier.

This fully automated solution gives your AP department complete control of the invoice process. Accounts Payable professionals can now enable no-touch invoice processing. Dash is also planning to add approval workflow capabilities to this process for those users that are already making use of its Dash DDX Document Automation software. The Workflow capabilities of DDX are currently available to be leveraged in other areas of your company too, with or without the AP Robot.

Top reasons to digitize your documents if you consider:

  1. Multiple locations
  2. Remote workers
  3. Sustainability
  4. Reduced Waste
  5. Less Risk


We have been helping small to mid-sized manufacturing companies automate their workflows and digitize their organizations for over 20+ years (we have a Dash DDX Document Automation tool that automates across departments of an organization!). So we’re no stranger to the idea of automating information through a digital format. Now more than ever, the need is there to move forward with this initiative in 2022.


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About the Author:

Stephanie is the marketing guru at Dash. For over 20 years, Dash has been authoring, delivering, and supporting Dash DDX™, its ERP-integrated Document Automation software to small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the USA and beyond.


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