Bye Bye Paper & Pen…

Bye Bye Paper & Pen…

Gone are the days of stacks of papers. Information moves so quickly between devices; paper becomes outdated so quickly. You could print information and 5 minutes later, it’s changed and outdated.

Businesses across the world are moving to a paperless environment. Paper-LESS, meaning it’s still around, just less of it. We can print less. For two main reasons, one being information moves so much more quickly electronically. We don’t need to print it, we can email, attach, or drop it. And the second reason is for data integrity and sustainability having a trail of information is easy to search and find quickly.

Now our laptops, computers, and phones can do all the work of paper and pen. And in making the Earth a great place to live for years to come, we are saving more trees and reducing the footprint of our work.

And when we have less paper to file sort, and store, we don’t need file cabinets taking up our office space.

Reducing the amount of paper we use can have a dramatic impact on our business expenses as well. There are so many costs with paper including labor costs for document retrieval and document filing, the number of copies made a day, and the square foot cost of the file cabinets to name a few.

These paper costs could add up to more than $40,000 a year!

Imagine if you could save that money by going paper-LESS. A document automation system built just for you that ties into your ERP system for maximum results. We have been helping small to medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies create a paper-LESS office for over 20 years. We created a recipe for a paperLESS office here.

Here are a few extra benefits of going paper-LESS:

  1. Reduce your business risks (disaster recovery)
  2. Increase your business sustainability efforts (reduce waste)
  3. Boost your speed of communication
  4. Engage your remote workers with access to documents from homeHidden Cost of Paper
  5. Quickly search and find key documents for everyday use and audits


You can probably make a quick list in your head of the information where you’re better served by having an electronic version more than a physical one. That’s an act of going paper-LESS. When you do that, there’s no need to physically move documents or the information on them from place to place, that physicality goes away. You don’t need to duplicate things because they’re easily shareable. So, you can easily share these things and don’t have a risk of losing them in the process. And they’re hard to damage or destroy. So, when you remove the need to physically move these documents around, it’s easier to facilitate the work and the workflow that needs to take place. That in turn reduces the friction of doing business and day-to-day activities.

Another interesting side note is security’s improved substantially, it’s easier to protect these things when they’re in the electronic realm. In particular, if disaster hits, it’s much easier to recover. So, recovery is a no-brainer. Plus, at this point in history, the tools for all sizes of businesses to move to a paperless world. You don’t have to be a Fortune 1000 company anymore to effectively move to a paperless world.

That’s great news! So, for businesses out there that are smaller (1-500 employees!), this is still for you.

If your company has multiple locations, whether they’re across the town across the country, or across the continent, sharing across those locations becomes much, much easier when you do so electronically. Also, if your business is looking to reduce waste, not just the waste of throwing paper away, but also the waste of time and effort. Filing finding and moving the documents here and there.

Sustainability is another topic that comes up and a top reason why people move in this direction. And that is maybe the first thought of is sustainability as relates to the environment. But it’s also sustainability as it relates to an organization, making effective and judicial use of limited resources, whether it’s people’s time and organizations, space, or money. And lastly, there are substantial gains to be had by lowering the risk involved in storing your information on this, on this physical medium. If it gets lost or damaged or destroyed, it’s gone forever. But with electronic media, it’s much easier to make copies and restore in the event of problems.

So hopefully this article shed some light on how economical & straightforward it is to go paper-LESS. Your business whether big or small can make the shift. Not only will your budget thank you for this year, but your team will also.

Cheers to no more paper & pen. Ready about our solution DASH DDX™ here.




About the Author:

Stephanie is the marketing guru at DASH. For over 20 years, DASH has been authoring, delivering, and supporting DASH DDX™ & DASH AP Robot™, its ERP-integrated software to small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the USA and beyond.





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