Dash Hack: Avoid the oops

Protecting the original from the office’s notorious “oopsie” over-writer

Scared boy

How  many times have you lost something valuable because someone else has overwritten one of your documents. Maybe you’ve done this on occasion yourself. An innocent edit, then a click of the save button and poof – its too late to go back.

There is a really easy solution to this in our Dash DDX Document Management software. By design you can’t EVER overwrite anything. It simply doesn’t work that way.

You CAN save a new version of a document: everything in DDX is version controlled (learn more about version control in another blog post here). Its just built-in, you really don’t have to think about it. But you can never save over an existing document in the system.

Likewise, deleting a document is a special privilege only granted by an administrator to certain individuals. By default, users don’t get to delete anything.

When protecting your documents is paramount, Dash DDX is top-of-the-heap.