Emergency Preparedness for Businesses

Emergency Preparedness for Businesses

Emergency Preparedness for Businesses

How ready do you feel for the changing seasons? Do you feel prepared?

Every year around this time, here in the northern Midwest, we gear up for winter. Maybe it’s similar by you. The changing of the seasons causes us to pay more attention to preparation for the situations we might encounter when we leave the house.

Questions I try to remember to ask myself each morning:

  • Do I have my gloves?
  • Did I pack my ice scraper in my car?
  • How full is my gas tank?

Winter can be brutally cold. We’ve had temperatures of –30 degrees here in the Midwest.

How do you get ready for this weather?

What are things you pack with you or in your car in case of emergency?

  • Blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Hat/mittens
  • Instant heat packs
  • Battery booster
  • Extra gas

All these precautions are great in case you get stuck alongside the road or your vehicle has trouble starting in the cold. I’ve been there!

Just like preparedness for life, we can apply this to business.

Emergencies and natural disasters can happen at any moment. Being prepared allows us to be better equipped with the tools and resources to get through it. Emergencies across the U.S. we’ve seen rock the business world is:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods
  • Lots and lots of Snow.
  • Others?

One way we can prepare your businesses for natural disasters is by going paperless.

Going paperless in your office allows you the peace of mind to not worry about physical papers in the office. Everything is online and in digital format, backed up nightly.

  • Fewer file cabinets (no more printed paper!)
  • Less wasted space in the office (more space for workers!)
  • No need to worry about where the copies of the copies of the copy are (no more copies needed!)
  • Reduced paper and printing costs (it’s all digital!)
  • Decreased time waiting for information and documents (it all flows through the software!)
  • Less worry about who sees what documents (it’s all user authorized online!)


Dash DDX is a document automation solution that stores and archives your documents. You can go paperless this year. If you’ve been thinking about going paperless, now is the time. If you haven’t thought about it before but now, you’re super excited to get started, now is the time. Our team is ready to help install and train your team.


Quick turn around.

Quick setup.


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About the Author:

Stephanie is the marketing guru at Dash. For over 20 years, Dash has been authoring, delivering, and supporting Dash DDX™, its ERP-integrated Document Automation software to small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the USA and beyond.


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