Five Ways Dash DDX™ Software Keeps Your Documents Secure

Document Security

There’s a lot of buzz around cyber security. Which begs the question: Is my document management software safe? How DOES it keep my documents secure (not just from hackers, but from the inevitable snoopers and sharers, write-overs, deletions and overall lost files?) What can I do to protect against unauthorized use, sharing and downloads?

Let’s take a quick look at how the DDX Document Management platform helps protect your documents and records and minimizes the risk to your organization. We’ve diligently worked to make sure security is “designed in” to allow your entire team to work in a safe, secure and productive digital environment.

  1.  It’s all about a secure infrastructure. ALL documents and records are managed inside the Dash DDX database. There’s never a stray document that someone will find floating around on disc or in a random directory.

Documents in DDX are deliberately managed in a separate, dedicated DDX database, protected within your own private server and firewalls. Your documents are not stored on a cloud or on a server that may handle data from other companies and un-authorized software users.

2.  Our software is “gated,” with flexible administered access. Dash DDX software has three layers of authentication: Microsoft’s Active Directory is the initial gate-keeper. Microsoft SQL Server security further determines who has access.

Once accessed, DDX’s embedded security further determines which documents a user can see and what they can do.

3.  Records are encrypted and compressed. All documents in the DDX platform are compressed by as much as 80% to save space, then encrypted for security. This not only saves gigabytes of space and network traffic, but makes it difficult for any hacker to find a work-around.

4.  There are many security options. The DDX.Administrator™ tool creates different Views and routing options for different people or groups. When looking at the document database through the prism of these permitted “Views,” the view itself limits what is visible and what functions are available at that time. You can even create secure custom viewing portals for customers, vendors or auditors.

You have complete control, whether you want to lock down intellectual property; invite collaboration for brainstorming; or share procedures, drawings, invoices and other documents. And unlike physical four-drawer files, you have a central secure environment with forensic tracking.

5.   All documents are available for read-only access, with tight revision control. DDX’s job is preservation. No changes are allowed to an archived document, and a password and permissions system is needed to open records.  Revisions are tracked, and a document is never overwritten (only a new revision is allowed).

Bonus:  Our check-in feature tracks who archived the document and when. It also automatically tracks when revisions are made and by whom. No more guessing who captured it or revised it—BOOM!

Bonus 2: Your database and documents are “keyed” to your systems. So no one can access your database if they attempt to backup, move or copy it to another system. Locked. Up Tight.

Document security starts with the proper tools, backed by the proper processes. If you’d like to have a one-to-one conversation on the specifics of how Dash DDX software can  improve document security, drop us a line!