Simplify Accounts Payable

Simplify Accounts Payable

Our passion here at DASH is to improve efficiencies for small to mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies across the world. Now, more than ever, the need to create a digital tool to automate accounts payable is needed. Accounts payable automation with paperless invoice processing is critical to transforming your AP team. Organizations are moving at a faster speed and growing companies are looking for software solutions to help them scale as they grow. If your organization is looking to grow this year, you’ll need a solution that can grow with you, and that will keep accuracies high without adding extra overhead.

We have made this process simple with our artificial intelligence-based DASH AP Robot™ which can take all the information on your electronic Invoice document and match it with the data in your ERP system. This ERP integration makes AP processing fast and simple. This ultimately means fewer errors and faster workflow through the system.

Simplified processes and fewer errors mean more WINS for your AP team!

Payables automation could play a critical role in minimizing payment delays and errors by delegating day-to-day processes such as collections and invoicing to artificial intelligence (AI)-aided solutions. These solutions can significantly reduce the capacity for error and accelerate complex calculations that are often considered tedious for human accountants.”

If you could free up your AP team to perform more human-touch tasks, just think of how efficient your team would be! What else could you accomplish? What news goals could you tackle? You can empower your team to work smarter with DASH AP Robot™!

Instead of mornings spent at the copy machine scanning invoices, you can find your AP team communicating quicker with vendors and customers, and saving the company money on no missed payments! They can focus on the big picture.

DASH AP Robot™ takes the extra work and worries out of AP by automating the data entry and eliminating human errors.

Process faster, approve easier.

Simply Accounts Payable

It is possible to love your software and love your job!

  • DASH AP Robot™ is easy to implement and use (1 day!)
  • Using AI (artificial intelligence), our software performs a 3-way match to identify errors – automatically
  • The Robot can provide substantial workflow efficiency opportunities
  • Streamline the entire process forward and automate workflows
  • Easily follow audit trials
  • Secure approvals and user access
  • Global access from any desktop
  • Powerful integration with your ERP system


Now that you’re excited to LOVE your job even more! Your organization’s processes will be faster, cheaper, and more secure with DASH AP Robot™ software on your side! If it feels daunting to get started with a new process, we understand! However, the result will leave entry errors and stacks of paper invoices in the past! Your AP team could save $25,000 a year or more! We are here and ready to collaborate with you for a successful AP automation implementation. It’s simple and painless.


Ready to get started and automate your Accounts Payable?

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About the Author:

Stephanie is the marketing guru at Dash. For over 20 years, Dash has been authoring, delivering, and supporting Dash DDX™, its ERP-integrated Document Automation software to small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the USA and beyond.


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