The cure for Document Chaos

Paper and file cabinets stink (See Blog post “Document Management Stinks”). But by contrast, a good Document Management system eliminates or minimizes all of their failings. Concentrating on a few things is the right medicine for these headaches.Messy Filing Cabinets

Reduce Risk

Documents stored electronically are readily protected by good system back-up practices so that in the event of disaster, you can be back up and running quickly with little or no loss. Those that are accurately cataloged can be found when needed (as opposed to those misfiled) – adding to that protection.


A good security system should be built in, to prevent unwanted intrusion. But also allow easy access to those who need a document (or class of documents) to perform their function.


Give your users 1 place to look, rather than forcing them to seek what they need from multiple possible locations. Its much more efficient when you don’t have to hunt all over the place.


Under any system (paper or otherwise), the key being able to find something later is classifying it predictably, consistently and accurately before you put it away. A good system will help you do that, and validate the information that us mere humans need to supply against other sources (like your business system) to ensure consistency and accuracy. Free-form (like just naming a file) doesn’t cut it.


When people are given multiple avenues to locate that they need, they have a much better chance of finding it fast. They will gravitate to the method most efficient for them, even though others may have a different approach. Your system should allow for any individual document to be access in multiple ways, and via multiple paths (or dimensions). This makes people more effective, and knocks down those silos of information.

Waste not

Whatever it is, it must be quick. Reduce the motion involved in filing and finding documents, and you’ve streamlined your business processes. That cost-reduction has hard value and immediate impact.



The right software, like Dash DDX™ Document Management software, can help you cure all of these ills in a hurry.


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