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Here at DASH, we like to be leading the way with innovative products. We believe we’ve created the best AP Invoice Automation tool out there for SYSPRO users (we’re the only one that is authorized by SYSPRO!). We have worked closely with SYSPRO to develop a tool that is seamlessly integrated with their solution and verified and certified by their team. And, our customers have guided us to create a tool that they love and use every day.

Are you tired of sifting through piles of paperwork and manually processing invoices? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of why DASH is the top document management and AP automation tool to help you streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. Read on to discover why.

Today we’d like to review our solutions and dig a little deeper into their functionality.


Here at DASH, we have 2 core products, that can work individually and together (always better together!).

  1. DASH DDX™ Document Management (link here)
  2. DASH AP Robot™ (link here)


In this article, we’ll look at our solutions, detailed features, setup, and system structure to provide an honest look into our tools.

A question you might be asking yourself is, “Should I purchase DASH document management and AP automation together? The short answer? Yes. Our DASH DDX™ Document Management solution can store, link, archive, and message years-worth of enterprise-wide documents all stapled together electronically. This partnered with our AP Invoice Automation drives cost savings and accuracy across your organization. DASH offers a document management solution that extends far beyond the purchasing process. With the multitude of documents your business encounters, DASH DDX™ is an excellent tool to house all types of documents.


Documents can be available for all teams:

  • AP
  • customer service
  • manufacturing
  • service
  • quality
  • and more!

This allows employees across an organization to utilize an electronic database of documents all searchable via keyword or full-text (hello time savings!). When linked together, all AP documents (i.e., POs, receipts, and invoices) are available and 3-way matched electronically and archived. No more file cabinets.

DASH AP Robot™ can be utilized by itself to 3-way match and extract data from your supplier’s invoices that will be posted to your ERP. To free up space, we won’t store documents long-term (30-day window), but integrated with DASH DDX™, it will store and archive documents automatically for you. This a-la-carte idea provides you with the basics without the added stuff you don’t need or must pay extra for.


What is DASH DDX?

While the paper is a vital and inseparable part of running a business, it doesn’t allow for multiple locations, remote workers, and scalability. Flipping through folders upon folders of documents to locate a tiny piece of information, can be frustrating. Some teams receive a lot of documents electronically (hello AR & AP teams!) every day.

<<~File It ~Find It ~Send It ~Share It ~Manage It>>

  • Document capture and archiving
  • File storage and compression
  • Point-and-click keyword assignment and quick link
  • Form recognition
  • User-defined, controlled document Views
  • Built-in Revision Control for any file or document
  • Electronic routing and distribution including automated delivery
  • Role-based: custom portals for customers and vendors, and robust admin and security features.
  • Flexible simple workflow with the ability to configure by job responsibility, department, or process needs
  • Connects information from manufacturing floor to customer door, serving multiple locations, facilities, divisions, and departments in a single system
  • Significantly reduces the cost, storage requirements, and environmental impact when compared to paper documents = Rapid Return on Investment
  • Grows with your business, offering scalable modules and unlimited user customization



Capture and digitize invoices for your review.

No more data entry.

Transform 100% AP data entry into exception-based data verification. What if you could free up your most precious resource (your people)? The Dash AP Robot™ can.

The DASH AP Robot™ will validate and enter your invoices for you. One-click, only exceptions to deal with, highlighted for you. Process multiple invoices with a click of a button, with little to no human intervention.

The result is a reduction in time and costs to process AP. Integrated directly into your ERP.

DASH AP Robot™ features include:

  • Read and extract data from every Invoice
  • Automatically posts valid, matched invoices to SYSPRO without the need to touch each invoice
  • Significantly reduces data entry and mistakes
  • Full, real-time 3-way matching across your Invoice, GRN, and PO
  • Highlights exceptions & errors to quickly focus on correction with minimal effort
  • Identification of duplicate invoices, mismatch notifications, and other fraud prevention functionality
  • Scalable accounting tool that can handle an unlimited number of Invoices per day
  • For SYSPRO™ Users: A real-time, native interface to SYSPRO ERP


DASH AP Robot™ can automatically code GLs for your team. Because this information is coming from your ERP system, we can populate the correct GL codes.

We built in the capability for 2 options for posting to your ERP. We have an “auto-post” checkbox you can turn on and off. When this box is checked, all properly 3-way matched invoices will automatically be posted to your ERP for you. No questions asked. No keys to hit. When it’s turned off, every invoice will be displayed and give you a chance to check the information before it’s posted. The good news is whether it’s checked or not, users can always double-check what is posted by checking their ERP posting report.

As far as exceptions go, the AP Robot’s goal is to process and automate as much as possible of every day expected invoices, but if an invoice has an exception to any rule that was built in the ERP system, it is highlighted and the user may take a closer look. Sometimes these exceptions are out of the user’s control (not because the software isn’t up to the task) and are unavoidable. These individual data points should garner a human touch to ensure accuracy and avoid fraud (i.e., a supplier sends you an invoice with the wrong PO number).

Most often, the DASH AP Robot™ will process and post all the invoices it can and then the Robot will display highlighted exceptions. The nice part is, that each exception is highlighted the user only needs to click a few places to jump exactly to where their attention is needed (no hunting needed). In our Error/Exception list, you’ll see a description of the error to further identify the issue and with hints to help you resolve it quickly. The DASH AP Robot™ will direct you to the place on the invoice where the problem exists – draw your eye to the place where your attention is needed quickly.


BONUS: you can sort and filter your list of invoices any way you want to make your work more efficient.


Does DASH offer Customized Implementations?

Every implementation we do is unique, we try to keep it very simple and easy to implement and learn. We work with companies with 25 employees, and we work with companies with hundreds of employees. Our aim is always to have our customers up and running as fast as possible. A quick installation with a few test invoices to ensure everything is working properly, and an AP team member could be posting invoices that same day! Because the AP Robot utilizes the rules (and all the work!) that the company has already built, we use those same rules to 3-way match all the information. So, there isn’t any extra backend work to get the Robot up and running. If we find that a company has a special workflow and needs special information to populate the Robot, we can create a custom plug-in to get that information. Those can be created and installed in a few weeks.


Next Steps

Executives searching for a centralized document communication hub will choose DASH DDX™ Document Management. Paired with our DASH AP Robot™ will be the ultimate duo. Our customer-driven solutions are backed by the best support team in the industry for over 20+ years and your team will be set up for success.


Ready to see how Document & AP automation can drive efficiency on your team? Request a personalized demo today!


About the Author:

Stephanie is the marketing guru at DASH. For over 20 years, DASH has been authoring, delivering, and supporting DASH DDX™ and DASH AP Robot™, its ERP-integrated software to small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the USA and beyond.


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