WOW! A Quarter Million Documents (and Counting!)

In case you’re wondering, there IS such a thing as a document management geek.

Meet Chuck Eby, VP of Finance at Light Efficient Design (LED), a manufacturer of energy-smart LED commercial retrofit lighting products.

“My love of document management (or content management, if you want to call it that) goes back almost 20 years when I first started working in Accounts Payable. I was fascinated by the records department at the company where I worked,” he says.

“They had a warehouse in the basement where every document was physically stored, plus all of the documents were captured in the homegrown computer system, so you didn’t even need to go downstairs to look at something. BUT—if you did need to view the physical document (maybe it was a bad scan), you could walk downstairs and they could look it up in the system, find the bin location where the document was physically located and, in minutes, you’d have the actual original document in your hands. I was hooked!”


Eby brought his obsession with easy-to-find, orderly documents to Light Efficient Design. LED, located in Cary, IL, has been named to Crain Chicago Business’s “Fast 50” for four years running, growing 691% in the last five years. LED is not only growing in size but in the sheer number of documents it archives, delivers, retrieves and processes.

According to Eby, LED is on track to manage 250,000 documents in 2018, making it a poster child for document management best practices.

Like most OEMs who sell through distribution, LED has the potential to be “paper laden” on not just one, but two fronts. First, there is the myriad of parts and materials that are ordered, received, tracked and purchased. Meanwhile, orders, inventories and invoices accrue from distributor partners.


Eby has used Dash DDX™ Document Management Software for about a year and a half as of this writing (from 2016 forward) to create paperless efficiencies, integrating it with the company’s ERP software. A firm believer in what is measured is managed, Eby has been tracking the records (documents) moving through his organization, using a number of metrics. In just the last 18 months, here’s the count on some of the documents Dash DDX™ software is managing:

  • 87,000+ customer purchase orders
  • 68,000+ invoices
  • 21,000+ check advices
  • 19,000+ order acknowledgments
  • 2000+ new customer set-ups, certificates, exemptions and reseller certificates


All this efficient activity is creating document management euphoria for Eby. In fact, he is so pumped to reach the milestone, he reached out to share his milestone with the Dash team. And he’s offering a $100 gift card to the LED employee who archives the 250,000th document.

Says Eby, “Document management is one of my favorite topics in the whole wide world, and Dash DDX™ software is arguably (according to me, anyways) the greatest document management software on the planet today.”


(Aww, we’re blushing).


Congratulations to Chuck Eby and Light Efficient Design! We’re darn proud to help support your growth track and business success. Here’s to the next 250,0000 documents!


One more thing: 250,000 documents is nothing to sneeze at. It illustrates that DDX is useful and practical for smaller enterprises. But its a drop in the bucket compared to what DDX can handle. We have organizations that are storing millions – yes, millions – of documents in DDX. Even they only need wait a second or two to see the results of search in DDX. It’s economical for all size companies, and blazing fast (really!) – we can prove it.