Demo: Dash DDX for SYSPRO

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Watch this demonstration session to learn how to streamline your business with Dash’s document management system, DDX™ for SYSPRO. Using Dash’s DDX, you will access any business document in seconds with as little as 1 click. Just “print” to DDX and it will email, fax, print, classify and capture your SYSPRO forms. With DDX you share, search and protect any document or file you receive or produce. Your documents are safe, secure and ready for viewing anywhere in your company. You will see first-hand how easy to use and easy to implement Dash DDX is, so you too can achieve a super fast return-on-investment.

Audience: Anyone in Finance, Customer Service, Sales, Procurement, Administration, IT Quality, Production and more.

Presenter: Dash

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=Q_mTWMrjty4&rel=0 width=1366 height=768 auto_thumb=”1″ alt=”Document Management for SYSPRO ERP Video” description=”Document Management for SYSPRO with Dash DDX”]

Approx: 36 min

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