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Dash DDX™ Document Archive software is available as individual modules or in pre-bundled suites that fit any organization or budget.

What’s right for you? It all depends on the size of your company, your ERP platform, and the depth of control and user-customization you require. Dash DDX software is ready and scalable, from 5 to 500 users.

No matter what the solution you choose, you’ll instantly improve productivity for your team, gain control over burgeoning files of paper and deliver cost savings to your bottom line.


Many factors go into figuring out which Dash DDX software suites will offer the best fit. Take a quick overview, then contact us for a no-obligation, online demo to walk you through your options or explore features now or compare DDX vs. ERP.

DDX Suite: Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is the Dash DDX most fully-featured suite, with plug-and-play function that gets you up and running in a matter of days.

This option offers best-in-class functionality, individual customization options, control and security. It is licensed to handle up to hundreds of users and offers simple work flow/routing capabilities, yet is attractively priced for the small and mid-sized business.

DDX Suite: Standard Edition

The Standard Edition offers most of the popular capabilities of our Dash DDX software. It’s an excellent value for businesses that are beginning the process of “going paperless,” or that don’t require lots of users, a high level of user-customization or workflow support.

Role or Department-Based Software

Ask about stand-alone doc-management modules made for individual departments, work roles or workflow (for example, AR/AP or Purchasing). It’s a great way to benefit from using Dash DDX in a live environment, and evaluate ROI for its use in the rest of your company. Note availability is dependent on your ERP platform. View System Requirements

Pricing & Licensing

To find out which Dash DDX bundle is best for your organization, please contact Dash, or a reseller for more information.

Order Dash DDX, A La Carte

Want it your way? Dash DDX is actually a menu of products that work together, and with other systems. You can choose the separate software components and capabilities that meet your company’s needs and budget, or ask us to build you a custom bundle.

Here are some of the major modules:


Don’t Ever Lose a Document Again.

The DDX.Archive module protects your documents, and makes it easy to find them later. When combined with the DDX.Administrator, it gives you control over security, revision control, the creation of new document types and document views. A user-defined, fluid directory structure allows great flexibility in organizing and filing your documents, with blazing fast search and retrieval.


Hands-Free Delivery and Distribution!

DDX.Connect software connects with your business system to capture, deliver and distribute forms and documents by fax, email and printers. It connects your ERP system with both the outside world, and the DDX.Archive for filing copies of those same documents.


Capture, Classify, File

With the DDX.Publisher module, any user can classify and file almost any type document in the DDX.Archive—regardless of how or where it was produced. Just assign keywords to your file/document, then “save” it to the Archive.

DDX.VALU Module™

Quick, Intuitive Tagging/Classification

The optional DDX.VALU Module adds quicker, more powerful capabilities to the DDX.Publisher for a faster, more accurate classification of your documents. This module provides a keyboard-free, point and click system for assigning keywords (tags) and includes barcode recognition too. Another cool feature is its ability to validate and/or retrieve your keywords from almost any external database—like your ERP system’s data. This works with most ODBC or OLE-DB compliant databases. The DDX.VALU Module even includes a remote-control interface so that programmers can integrate the DDX.Publisher with external applications.

DDX.Form Recognition™

More Trainable than a Puppy

With DDX.Form Recognition, you can quickly teach Dash DDX software to recognize your business’s unique forms, drawings and document types, and automatically deliver and archive them to the correct destination. (All without modifying the original program they were produced in.) Combined with DDX.Connect and DDX.Archive, it’s a great non-invasive way to integrate with almost anything that produces form-like documents.


You’ve Got the Power

DDX.Administrator gives you the control to create custom work flows and routing; control security; create your own collections; control views of documents; add new document types; and control document retention policies.

 DDX.Web Viewer™

Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device

The DDX.Web Viewer app gives your users access to your documents from anywhere they need it through a simple web browser. It supports almost any device: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and tablets. Use it on your intranet for internal use, or secured extranet for your road warriors.