Meet the new Dash™ AP Robot FOR SYSPRO!

Why You Need Accounts Payable Automation

Full 3-way matching AP Automation is now available for SYSPRO with the Dash AP Robot. This automates Accounts Payable Entry / Posting with a real-time link to your purchase orders, GRN’s (receipts), and suppliers for validation! It supports the processing of many Invoice formats without the need to train the software to recognize each of your supplier’s invoices.

The Dash™ AP Robot will convert your invoice into data, check against the purchase order & receipts, verify a match and then enter it into your ERP system for you!

It’s for Invoices related to a PO, and for those that aren’t. Plus, if you use Dash’s DDX Document Automation software it will also auto-file your invoices in the DDX Archive database for future reference – so your filing effort disappears too! The AP Robot works with or without DDX present.

How you can reduce your business risks

Why Choose Dash’s AP Automation Software?

Quick Set Up

Quick set up.

Easy To Learn

Almost no time to learn.

Download the software, and spend just a few minutes setting up and learning the tool.

Then you’re running productively in less than an hour.

The Dash AP Robot supports SYSPRO v8 (service pack 2021 R2 or greater) and v7.

The Dash™ AP Robot for SYSPRO Solution

The full process of AP Invoice Entry uses only the Supplier Invoice as its driver. When fed your Suppliers Invoices, using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, the AP Robot will:

* Extract the data from the invoice

* Perform a variety of validations to ensure pristine accuracy (including 3-way matching)

* Automatically post to SYSPRO all correct & matched invoices & segregate exceptions and allow review, edit then post to SYSPRO with a push of a button

* Autosave invoices to Dash™ DDX Document Automation software (optional)

What can Dash™ AP Robot do for your business?

Is it possible that automating accounts payable could absolutely transform your AP automation process? Our team has some truths to share with you about our solution!

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5 Major Benefits of AP Automation

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