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DASH AP Robot automation is the best software solution to integrate with SYSPRO because it offers all of these benefits and more:

  • Real-time 3-way data sharing between SYSPRO and DASH with an Auto-Post option (no importing or exporting).
  • The Robot will extract and populate the data for you utilizing Artificial Intelligence.
  • One-click, only exceptions to deal with, highlighted for you.
  • Process multiple invoices with a click of a button, most with little to no human intervention.
  • Automates AP Entry / Posting with a real-time link to your PO, GRNs (receipts), and Supplier Invoices for validation.
  • Supports processing of many Invoice formats (machine learning allows the Robot to get smarter the more you use it!).
  • Converts your supplier invoice into data, checks against the purchase order & receipts, verifies a match, and then enters it into SYSPRO for you in real-time.
  • Works with Invoices with POs and those without POs.
  • Collaborates with DASH’S DDX™ Document Automation software to auto-file your invoices in the DDX Archive database for future reference – so your filing effort disappears too!

DASH AP Robot™ is an AP Automation solution recommended by SYSPRO!
Monthly subscription-based software.


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Are you still matching and entering every individual invoice into SYSPRO?

= Let the Robot validate and enter your Invoices for you!

One-click and the AP Robot™ will automatically post a whole batch of invoices. All that’s left for you to review are those with exceptions, validation problems, or variances. Little or no human intervention. The results? Less time and cost to process AP, plus improved accuracy. All seamlessly, real-time integrated with SYSPRO.

Imagine a tool that no matter if you had a small pile or a mountain of invoices, the tool allowed your team to drag and drop incoming electronic invoices into a folder and with 1 click, all the information on all invoices was matched up and posted to SYSPRO. We have a tool made just for you!

We have already helped so many companies across the US & Canada (adding more every month!) reduce their costs and invoice processing time in AP significantly. We’d love to help your team too!

See the Dash AP Robot™ in Action

The full process of AP Invoice Entry uses only the Supplier Invoice as its driver. When fed your Suppliers Invoices, using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, the AP Robot will:

* Extract the data from the invoice (no more data entry)

* Perform a variety of validations to ensure pristine accuracy (including real-time 3-way matching)

* Automatically post to SYSPRO all correct & matched invoices & segregate exceptions and allow review, edit then post to SYSPRO with a push of a button

* Autosave invoices to DASH DDX™ Document Automation software (optional)

What can DASH AP Robot™ do for your business?

Is it possible that automating accounts payable could absolutely transform your AP automation process? Our team has some truths to share with you about our solution!

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5 Major Benefits of AP Automation






“DASH AP Robot has removed a large portion of the data entry from our day… it allows us to focus on resolving issues between vendor invoices and PO’s instead of the data entry. We saw a 25% increase in the volume of AP year over year but thanks to AP Robot we are managing our AP process with the same employee resources.”
—Lisa, Ambrell


“I used to have to enter information 3 times to get it to all match up, now I just have to check the information and it’s done! It’s just a few clicks to check that all the invoices are posted for the day, and then I can move on to other important tasks for the day that requires my time.”

—Cheryl, TriStar Plastics


It took seconds, it’s a small desktop app that I installed on Cheryl’s computer, and it was instantly ready to use.”
Brad, TriStar Plastics


“The number one thing I love about the AP Robot is the time it has saved me! By far the best thing ever. With the AP Robot, we also changed our process with our Buyers regarding how our variances are addressed and approved. By changing the process our purchasing team is approving price variances in record time. This allows for quicker communication with our suppliers to address any pricing concerns and avoids delays in paying invoices. I am sure our Suppliers are loving that as well.”

—Sonia, HED Controls

Why Choose DASH’s AP Automation Software?

Quick Set Up

Quick set up.

Easy To Learn

Almost no time to learn.

Download the software, and spend just a few minutes setting up and learning the tool.

Then you’re running productively in a few hours.

The Dash AP Robot supports SYSPRO v8 (service pack 2021 R2 or greater) and v7.

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