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Experience the power of paperless with DASH.

File Cabinets Stacking Up?

Reduce your paper footprint and turn Paper –> Profit.

Since 1998, DASH has focused on creating its ERP-integrated DASH DDX™ for capturing, archiving, managing, and sharing documents, with complete support, consulting, and training. DASH’s newest solution is the DASH AP Robot™ which utilizes artificial intelligence to automate accounts payable entry, including 3-way matching.

A Wisconsin-based company, DASH serves end users from across North America to the Pacific Rim, in partnership with our “best in class” ERP software developers and resellers.

Dedicated to making the world a better place. Known for accessible, responsive product development, technical support, training, and software customization.

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What if you could gain lean advantages in every department?

Capture it. Find it.
Share it. (Repeat)

Now, it’s incredibly easy to find and share the information you need anytime…anywhere… on any device. Built with ERP integration in mind, DASH DDX files the documents and contents your organization produces, then allows you to find, retrieve, and share them in seconds. It even supports simple workflow. And/or the DASH AP Robot automates your accounts payable invoicing process including built-in ERP interfaces reducing labor, complexity, and errors. With an average office worker printing more than 10,000 pieces of paper a year (and spending 30% of his/her time looking for information in an email or filing cabinets), isn’t it time for DASH?

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Accounts Payable Automation

What if you could free up your most precious resource, your people?

Accuracy. Automation.
And AP Streamlined.

Researching AP automation?
Automate the time-consuming tasks. Data entry. 3-way matching.
One-click. Process multiple invoices with a click of a button, with little to no human intervention.
The result is a reduction in time and costs to process AP. Integrated directly with your ERP.
Automate your AP Invoice Processing and reduce all the noise.
Let’s crush those ROI numbers. Return on investment < 6 months.


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