BIG NEWS! AP Robot Partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2022


DASH Partners with SYSPRO to Leverage Automated Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Tools Combined with Proven ERP
Creates a Powerful Platform for Businesses


Germantown, WI (08/01/2022) – DASH, a document automation company serving the manufacturing & distribution industries, today announced that the company is partnering with SYSPRO, a leading global provider of ERP software. Through this partnership, DASH and SYSPRO will be bringing to market its new AP Automation software tool offering seamless integration for SYRPRO’s users.

Leveraging AI (artificial intelligence), DASH’s AP Robot™ extracts actionable data from supplier invoices to automate data entry; performs 3-way matching, and posts critical accounts payable data to allow businesses to automate their Accounts payable processes.

“Our DASH AP Robot helps businesses deal with increasing pressure to increase throughput with fewer resources. Everything about this is fast: its quick ROI to fast implementation and simple yet highly flexible day-to-day use. We aim to deliver to small and mid-sized companies the automation tools they need to be world-class competitors.” Jim Van Hecke

The manufacturing and distribution industry has been hit by COVID-related factors. DASH’s automation tools and scalable solutions have proved, over the past 2 years, that creating a paperless office with remote workers across multiple locations will keep businesses afloat in these rocky times.

The new AP Automation tool, the DASH AP Robot™, eliminates or decreases data entry, increases data accuracy, and improves team efficiencies across an organization. Organizations are moving at a faster speed and growing companies are looking for software solutions to help them scale as they grow. This package takes aim at filling that void for small and mid-sized businesses.

About DASH

DASH is a document automation company focused on the manufacturing and distribution sectors. The company’s first product is DASH DDX™, a document management tool that can distribute, view, and archive documents electronically across business teams—creating automation tools for manufacturing and distribution companies worldwide for over 20 years. James Van Hecke, President, and CEO is the vision, co-designer, and marketing force behind DASH, the ERP-integrated document management software used by hundreds of manufacturing and distribution enterprises throughout the world.




CONTACT: James Van Hecke, President
(262) 345-5600

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