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The fact is, many people don’t even know there’s such a thing as document management software. Even people who do– gulp, including the people who USE our document management software–don’t know some of the amazingly things they can do with it.

We know this because we’ve been on the road recently talking with our users and ERP partners. And we’ve had the ultimately humbling experience of being asked if we would add “this feature” or “that capability” to our document management solutions.

We get to tell our users “it’s already IN there.”

As a result, we’ll be debuting a series of short “Dash Hack” articles and videos in the next couple weeks. In them, we’ll show you some of the simple but cool things you can do with document management software …things that make work easier… things that make finding files faster… things that save you major time… and things you would be hard pressed to do any other way.


These short hacks aren’t just fast and cool. They’re uber-productive. And they solve daily headaches for anyone who spends time working with documents:

  • “Stapling” electronic documents? Yup! Link documents together so your complete reference trail is available at one stroke. Bam-done!
  • Avoid the oops: Protecting the original from the office’s notorious “oopsie” over-writer
  • Using cool features like water-marks to add professional polish
  • Auto-emailing an invoice to a customer with any number of related documents automatically included in the same email (like proof-of-delivery or quality documents)
  • Limiting sensitive documents to only the people who should see them and other security tips. (Take that, snoops and self-appointed morale saboteurs)
  • Hours saved searching for the one file that the COO wants to see
  • Using digital signatures to speed up the approval process…by days. (Or quickly identify who’s the speed bump.)


So, join us for our upcoming ‘Dash Hacks’ article and video series. Because we don’t just want to share productivity hacks. We want you to get the most out of how you find, share and protect all those important things your documents contain.

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