Dash users speak

You can’t blow it up.”

“DDX is part of our business conversation on every level.”

A game changer.”

“ Moves our documents cradle to grave.”

These verbatim quotes are a sampling from Dash Development’s first “Voice of the Customer” survey.

Conducted by Quest Marketing recently, the survey used one-on-one phone interviews to probe our manufacturing end users’ experiences with the Dash team and our Dash DDX™ document management software.

We received many positive affirmations, as well as thoughtful insights on desired software upgrades or improvements. Here are some of the common themes:

  • Overall, customers surveyed consider Dash DDX software exceptionally helpful, easy to use and central to their business processes (not to mention economical).
  • Dash is highly rated for responsiveness, deep product knowledge, problem solving and immediate tech support.
  • Customers want to make sure they are using the full features and capabilities of the Dash DDX software, and desire more support content such as short training videos, webinars, customer success stories and expanded training on software upgrades or new modules.
  • End users would like more frequent communication from Dash, whether in person or through other media. “I’d like to hear more from Dash” was a common thread.
  • Top areas of interest for improvements or customization include enhanced workflow scenarios, document check-ins/check-outs and the DDX.Port Form Recognition module.

Acting on the feedback, Dash has a number of initiatives in the works, including updated Dash TV, with training tips and how-to’s accessible directly our website; a quarterly e-Newsletter for our end uses;  case study videos, and software upgrades

We’d like to thank our customers for sharing their voices and ideas—you help us to make the Dash experience even better for you.