Happy Summer Vacation (How Document Management Software Keeps It That Way)

Summer brought to you by Dash

Your suitcase is packed. The “out of the office” responder is set. And you’ve dropped off Jaws, the killer Chihuahua, at doggy day care.

Luckily, if your company has implemented a document management system, you’re actually good to go: immune from THAT frantic vacation-wrecking call or email.

Here’s why:

All the important documents you’ve worked on are retained, filed, and linked. The archiving feature has not only saved your critical files, pdfs, email and references, but identified the most up to date version and linked them with any critical corresponding information.
Your team will have the context they need to make decisions and keep business flowing.

Your files are accessible by anyone (within reason), anytime. The search and controlled work flow features make sure everyone who needs the info, has the info. Relax; you’re covered, whether it’s the needy guy in engineering (who still needs more information after 50 emails) or the CSR who is responding to an unexpected customer request for quality information dating back five years.

Even the most motivationally-challenged employee or co-worker can find files (But only if they should!) Intuitive search offers a bazillion (well almost) ways to find and access information, with security measures and controlled views to keep unauthorized users at bay.

Your cash flow keeps flowing. Since purchase orders, authorizations, and more are automatically synced (and invoices and statements sent electronically), there’s no chance that important billing information is languishing in a paper pile. Your customer needs missing info to process payment? The accounting peeps can find and send it with a stroke of a key.

Ditto your projects. See above, everything is in place to support your manufacturing and distribution process: master files, vendor and subcontractor info, drawings, specs, testing data, scheduling and machine time, quality and compliance docs, and more.

You have instant remote access (anytime anywhere) to any file. Just in case. Even if you’ve done the best you can to avoid vacation interruptus, sometimes things happen that can’t wait (especially if you own or manage a business.)

With web viewers and secured extranets, you can find and send any information you need…quickly and securely…even with multiple manufacturing or distribution facilities.

Available, but not too available. Your businesses documents are accessible to only those that should have access. They are securely tucked away, and hidden from other prying eyes.


Bottom line? Even if you need to break and attend to business, you’ll spend less time away from your precious time away.

Wow, summer’s going fast! On behalf of Dash Development group, enjoy your vacation.