5 Simple Steps on the Path from Paper to Profit

5 Simple Steps on the Path from Paper to Profit

Document Automation with DASH DDX™


Creating a paperless office…. I know… I’m dreaming again today.

That seems like a distant thought that can’t be attained.

“Can small to medium-sized businesses like mine really do this?”


Imagine an office with no filing cabinets, no storage facilities, and no paper shredding. All the documents across the business are electronically filed, stapled, and archived.

Here at DASH for over 20+ years, we have been taking companies from Paper to Profit in less than 90 days.

An affordable, sustainable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Document storage and document delivery are made simple.

From Paper to Profit DASH DDX Roadmap

Let’s dig into 5 simple steps that you can start today.

  1. Draw up interest across teams in your organization.
    • What teams could really benefit from going paperless? Talk with them first.
    • Shipping? Receiving? Accounting? Customer Service? Warehouse?
    • What documents do teams want to access remotely? Can you currently?
    • Does your business have a sustainability plan for a natural disaster?
  2. Look at true paper costs (Request our ROI spreadsheet)
    • There are usually more paper costs than people often realize.
    • Once you have a good handle on cost savings, this will help promote the project to move forward.
  3. Research Document Automation solutions for your business
    • Functionality (archive, retrieve, search, file, and email delivery)
    • Estimated Implementation timeframe
    • Integration with your ERP platform capability
    • Schedule demos and compare costs.
  4. Implement Your Chosen Solution
    • Track costs with solution vs. total paper costs
      • Decreasing file cabinets?
      • Decreasing printing and storage costs?
      • Increasing employee satisfaction and delivery?
      • Examine ROI calculations (snapshot before and after) – update your business partners on results to increase total buy-in.
  5. Roll Out to Teams Across Organization
    • Select one team to roll out to first and with their excitement and things learned, select the next team to use the document automation tool.
    • Goal = organization-wide paperless office.



  • Document capture and archiving.
  • File storage and compression of all electronic documents.
  • Point-and-click keyword assignment and quick link.
  • Form recognition.
  • Document intake processes are more efficient and accurate.
  • User-defined, controlled document Views.
  • Built-in Revision Control for any file or document.
  • Electronic routing and distribution including automated delivery.
  • Role-based: custom portals for customers and vendors, and robust admin and security features.
  • Flexible simple workflow with the ability to configure by job responsibility, department, or process needs.
  • Connects information from the manufacturing floor to the customer door, serving multiple locations, facilities, divisions, and departments in a single system.
  • Significantly reduces the cost, storage requirements, and environmental impact when compared to paper documents = Rapid Return on Investment.
  • Grows with your business, offering scalable modules and unlimited user customization.


Says VP of R&D Steve at DASH, “DDX wasn’t so much “designed” as such. Rather, it has evolved through years of user interaction and a constant push to improve function and reliability. We like to listen and respond to our customers.”


To learn more about how businesses can create a  paperless office, download our complimentary Document Storage Solutions Guide to learn more details about moving from paperless to profit.


About the Author:

Stephanie is the marketing guru at DASH. For over 20 years, DASH has been authoring, delivering, and supporting DASH DDX™ and DASH AP Robot™, its ERP-integrated software to small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the USA and beyond.


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